[…] As a kind of visual poetry (fixed and in motion) and with subtle reminiscences of refugees and displaced people around the world –and while questioning the viewer– Hamzehian and Mortarotti portray these inhabitants of the borders (and all their polysemic meanings) and in doing so place a current, sensi- tive and courageous topic in the horizons of contemporary art. It is a topic that neither the artists nor the art critics should omit, since our heavens are framed by ethics and poetics.
Excerpt from the introduction by Andrea Díaz Mattei

Pictures by Anush Hamzehian and Vittorio Mortarotti
Design and layout by Paolo Berra and Vittorio Mortarotti
Published by Skinnerboox on September 2016

First Edition of 500 Copies
Size 26,7 x 33 cm
64 Pages + 6 Pages insert
PVC Soft Cover

ISBN 978-88-941341-6-2
Retail Price: 30,00 Eu

Shortlisted for Best Book of the Year PhotoEspaña

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